People and businesses rely on fiber-optic Internet every day in many locations, including multi-dwelling unit (MDU) and multi-tenant unit (MTU) properties. MTU/MDU cabling comes with challenges and demands a unique approach, which is why you should trust an experienced installation company. Below are a few of the problems you may face and how professionals can address them.

What Are the Challenges & Solutions of MTU/MDU Cabling?

1. Unique Property Features

Multi-tenant buildings come in countless shapes and sizes. Some are decades old, while other structures are freshly built. They’re likely all designed by different architects, as well. This means that you can’t use a single MTU cabling strategy to overcome all barriers.

Instead, fiber optic installation professionals will have to map out pathways from municipal connections to a building’s wiring. This may mean bypassing routing around landscaping, metal, and concrete installations. Once inside the basement, they’ll need to use a customized wiring system that rises through the building and extends to each room requiring a connection. This meticulous process involves precision so each tenant has reliable access and service.

2. Limited or Non-Existent Ducts

mdu/mtu cabling lafayetteInstallation professionals may find there are few or no ducts in the building to run wiring. This is common in older properties that never anticipated the need for MTU cabling technology. These experts may need to install new cabling if existing wires are too old or weak to carry the signal.

If ducts are limited, professionals may apply discreet adhesive MTU cabling to the walls or run it through the flooring. They can also install low-profile micro-ducts behind walls and fixtures. This approach creates an effective fiber optic system that won't expose unsightly wiring in common areas.

3. Tenant Comfort

Retrofitting an occupied property is especially tricky because installation can be a nuisance to tenants. Rather than removing walls and drilling extensively throughout the property, installation professionals can feed drop cables down through walls. These can be quietly accessed, cut, and fitted with a connection port in any unit or common area where construction could be a disturbance.

Skilled technicians will also clean up throughout installation. Whether it’s patching drywall or sweeping up sheetrock, they’ll ensure no off-putting messes are left behind. Working quickly and efficiently also means less downtime. Professionals will design a comprehensive plan that works around tenants’ schedules and provides service as soon as possible.


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