Upgrading your multi-dwelling unit (MDU) property’s network cabling system with gigabit fiber is an innovative way to provide streamlined Internet and Wi-Fi to your tenants. It’s also an appealing selling point that could bring in additional income in the long run. The following are some benefits and challenges that come with integrating gigabit fiber-based MDU cabling into your property.

Benefits of Gigabit Fiber

Long-Term Savings

Retrofitting your property with gigabit fiber can save you thousands of dollars per year. Instead of having various broadband modems and phone lines, you’ll only need a full-service internet provider to design and install your gigabit fiber system. Because you’ll only have one modular system to maintain and repair, you’ll significantly reduce your infrastructure spending.

Attractive Amenity for Tenants

MDU cablingEquipping your building with fiber services can be used as a marketing strategy to appeal to prospective and existing tenants. Residents—particularly millennials and remote workers—rely on high-speed internet for video calls, streaming, and everyday browsing. Offering gigabit fiber adds tremendous value to your units because it shows you’re willing to make necessary upgrades based on tenants’ technological needs.

Possible Challenges

Properties like apartments and condominiums vary in structure, layout, and age. Because there’s no simple way to map out MDU cabling, you’ll need a professional who specializes in installing high-speed, fiber optic-based internet. They’ll determine a framework dependent on your building’s blueprints and bypass your building’s concrete and metal structures using precision coordination.

If you manage an old building, you might find that you’re limited on ducts and conduit space to run wiring. Vendors who specialize in MDU cabling can overcome these roadblocks by implementing microducts designed to protect small, microfiber cables and split duct space into smaller components. Microducts can then be discreetly installed through tenants’ floorings, behind walls, or mounted along ceilings.


If you’re looking to integrate high-speed technology into your property, contact Kemp Communications LLC in Lafayette, IN. Operating since 2005, the telecommunications provider offers a wide range of solutions and services dependent on your needs, from fiber-to-the-home expansions to structured cabling upgrades. Before they get started on your project, their technicians conduct tests to design a custom plan of action. Learn more by visiting their website or calling (765) 607-4144.