Fiber optic cables are the nervous system of the internet, delivering information to homes and businesses worldwide at the speed of light. However, as demand for higher bandwidth continues to grow, fiber optic installation companies will have to continuously improve the technology. The following are a few predictions about what the future of fiber optics might look like.

3 Things to Know About the Future of Fiber Optics

1. Fibers Made From New Materials

Fiber optic cables have always been made of fine silica fibers, which are well suited for transmitting information at incredible speeds. However, silica has a low threshold for extremely bright light, limiting the amount of data it can carry.

While some researchers have experimented with changing the shape of the silica fibers, most agree that next-generation fiber optics will be made out of different materials entirely. Oxides of strontium, aluminum, barium, and phosphorus have shown potential for transmitting brighter light without breaking down as quickly as silica.

2. Enhanced Capabilities

fiber optic installationEveryone from consumers streaming video at home to startups working on AI projects expects blazing-fast internet connections capable of delivering massive amounts of data without interruption. To meet these needs, fiber optic installation companies are expanding capabilities and phasing out old coaxial cable. Not only does this provide more stability for today’s homes and businesses, but it also provides a more stable platform for building the technology of tomorrow.

3. New Applications

Some parts of the communications grid are still made out of copper, which is quickly being supplanted by fiber. Fiber optic installation companies are laying miles of new cable every day, making a wide range of new technologies possible. The coming 5G revolution, which will transform the way every business functions, will make self-driving cars a reality and automate complex processes by relying almost entirely on next-generation fiber optic cables.


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