Most business owners don’t think about their structured cabling network until something goes wrong, even though small issues may arise from time to time that prevent staff from performing optimally. Cabling is used for everything from connecting devices to establishing phone lines, so upgrading is crucial to ensure an effective, efficient business. 

How to Tell It’s Time for a Structured Cabling Upgrade

1. Wi-Fi Coverage Is Spotty in Your Building

It can be frustrating to find that the Wi-Fi doesn’t cover your entire workplace. It can also impact the productivity of your team if connections are constantly cutting out in certain areas. In this case, an upgrade can encompass installing additional access points to ensure your signal remains strong throughout the building. 

2. Repair Costs Are Rising Exponentially

Repairs may be less expensive than an upgrade in the short-term, but when they become a frequent necessity, these costs will only grow. Factor in the lost productivity that occurs when your network cannot perform at peak functionality, and you may find that not upgrading is costing more money over time. 

3. Your Building Uses an Analog Phone System

More and more businesses are moving to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems because of benefits like versatility, mobility, and scalability. These benefits are not available when your building is set up for an analog phone system. Additionally, you may be spending more per call using analog than you would with VoIP.

4. Upload & Download Speeds Are Poor

If your current cables were designed and installed years ago, they might be incapable of keeping up with new technology. That means your upload and download speeds can suffer, which leads to frustration and unnecessary downtime. New structured cabling will meet your business's needs and support the many devices it uses to operate. It also prevents reputational damage caused by lags in service.


If you notice any of the above signs, it’s time to talk about a structured cabling upgrade with the professionals. In Lafayette, IN, Kemp Communications LLC has extensive experience in telecommunications and broadband services. They can update your system to ensure optimal function. If the situation is dire, they can even design a brand-new system based on your exact needs and goals. Call (765) 430-3662 for more information, or see their full list of services by visiting the website