Hardwood flooring adds a classic, elegant touch to the home while also providing hypoallergenic, low maintenance, and longevity benefits. However, there are mistakes homeowners often make that can affect the flooring's appearance and result in premature, expensive repairs. If you recently had hardwood floors installed, review common errors to avoid here. 

What Not to Do When You Own Hardwood Flooring

1. Mopping Frequently

Never clean wood floors with a mop. Using water to clean hardwood causes the porous material to absorb moisture and warp or lift. Water damage that does not get taken care of immediately can also cause warping damage, such as cupping where boards next to walls lift because of a plumbing leak. Sweep and vacuum the surface to keep it clean and soak up spills immediately. Area rugs also provide moisture protection. 

hardwood flooring

2. Not Trimming Dog Nails

Keep your pup's nails trimmed and buffed, since dog nails do not retract and easily scratch the wood surface. You can also put up baby gates or teach the pup not to go in rooms with hardwood flooring. Nail caps provide floor protection as well, as do runners and area rugs. However, use rug pads to affix carpeting to floors so the pooch does not slide around. 

3. Allowing Dirt & Dust to Accumulate

Clean the flooring about once a week using a vacuum or broom to prevent dirt, dust, and other particles from building up. Without routine cleaning, abrasive particles eventually work their way into the wooden boards to create a scratched, unsightly appearance. Thoroughly clean the surface prior to refinishing services, as dirt, pollen, hair, and other contaminants interfere with adhesion to create further cosmetic problems. 

4. Using the Incorrect Vacuum Attachment 

Always work with the brush attachment on your vacuum to clean wood floors, as hard plastic attachments can cause scratches, dings, and dents. Purchase a compatible soft brush attachment if your vacuum does not have one, since hard bristles can also cause scratches. If the vacuum is large and heavy, consider switching to a lighter model to avoid additional dents or dings. 


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