Water damage is more than a minor inconvenience. When moisture seeps into your home, it can lead to serious consequences that extend beyond obvious surface problems. Many issues may require professional water extraction and remediation to keep your living space safe and sanitary. Here are three common side effects that may develop.

How Moisture Damage Affects Your Home

1. Mold Formation

It takes a day or two for mold to grow and thrive on a damp surface. Once it proliferates, it can easily grow on floors, drywall, wallpaper, tiles, insulation, and fabrics, leaving your home vulnerable to damage. Mold can also aggravate allergies and lead to coughing, severe wheezing, and shortness of breath. It’s imperative to have mold remediation professionals identify and eliminate the presence of spores. 

2. Pest Outbreaks

water damage

Insects and pests are especially attracted to moist environments. Mosquitoes, carpenter ants, cockroaches, and beetles are drawn to water. Some can even cause greater damage in a home by gnawing on soft, damaged wood and weakening compromised areas. Quick attention to the problem can help reduce the likelihood of outbreaks.

3. Structural Problems 

If water lingers in a space, your home will experience some loss of structural integrity. For example, moisture can seep deeply into drywall and cause visible stains. It can also soften the wall's material and cause it to collapse. Walls can swell and become warped, while others may develop small air bubbles. Extensive damage can even affect critical supportive structures, like load-bearing walls and beams. 


Coping with water damage on your own can be difficult. If you need help, contact SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/St. Augustine Beach in St. Augustine, FL. These experienced mold remediation and water extraction professionals specialize in emergency cleaning services. Visit them online to learn more about water damage repair, or call (904) 429-4457 to ask any questions.