A smooth, sleek asphalt parking lot with crisp lines adds aesthetic appeal to any area. However, there are multiple things that can damage this versatile paving material. To keep your lot and driveway in tip-top shape, watch out for these three environmental factors.

What Damages Asphalt?

1. Tree Roots

Beautiful trees provide shade and a welcome visual break to large, paved parking lots. However, their root systems can cause problems with the asphalt. Large trees especially will have roots that spread far from the trunk to find nutrients.

Depending on the size of the tree and its placement, roots are likely growing beneath your pavement. If they get too large, they will cause buckling, cracks, or bumps. Be careful when choosing types of trees and where to plant them.

2. Water

asphaltWater collecting on your lot is one of the easiest ways for it to sustain damage. While you may think that water would simply sit on top of the pavement or runoff, it actually has the potential to infiltrate the surface.

If your lot or asphalt driveway has any cracks, even small ones, water will leak down into the lower layers of sand and gravel. As it washes away these base layers, the top layer of asphalt will warp and crack further. Don’t allow water to pool on or near your pavement to help prevent this issue.

3. Heavy Use

Normal daily wear on your parking lot or driveway is expected. However, if you have heavy trucks or frequently park lots of cars on your paved area, it will eventually cause trouble.

The tiny imperfections in the asphalt will spread when exposed to excessive or continued heavy force. This leads to larger cracks and potentially even potholes. Try to limit the amount of large trucks or multiple cars using the lot or driveway to limit this problem.


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