Managing your property correctly means you should keep your parking lot clean, organized, and free of hazards. By handling these issues early, you offer an excellent first impression to customers, allowing them to focus on the quality of your services. Below are several strategies to ensure your parking area is in the best shape.

A Guide to Parking Lot Maintenance

1. Apply Sealcoating

Because the parking area receives considerable use, you should protect it from common blemishes, such as oil stains and cracks. Adding a layer of sealcoating fills small gaps and enhances the appearance of the lot, keeping it stable. Most parking lots need sealcoating every two to three years, but you may need it more frequently if you receive considerable traffic.

2. Fix Cracks

Moisture and ground shifting can erode the base of the lot, leading to cracks. While this issue looks unsightly, it can even create a tripping hazard for customers. To prevent this, technicians can use a hot, rubberized sealant that fills the gap. This substance remains flexible after application, moving with the asphalt if it shifts. Without this, cracks will expand into large potholes, potentially damaging your customer’s vehicles.

3. Update Striping

parking lotsParking lot striping maintains safety and increases curb appeal. Defined lines allow drivers and pedestrians to find designated parking spots, reducing safety hazards. Additionally, when the lines fade, you can become incompliant with guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act, which mandates businesses provide a certain number of accessible parking spaces. However, restriping makes these areas visible to your customers.

4. Repair Lighting

Poor lighting can result in car accidents among your customers, as it is more challenging for them to navigate in the early or late hours. They may even trip while walking into your business. To prevent this, repair any broken lamps and add more to darker areas. This will boost customer safety, as well as help prevent crime.

5. Improve Drainage

If you notice pooling water or rushing streams in the middle of your parking lot, you have a drainage issue. This will increase the frequency of cracks and potholes, as well as create a slipping hazard for anyone walking along the surface.

To fix this, technicians install asphalt curbing that directs water away from the lot and into an inlet. They may also construct drains throughout the area so that water flows into them, rather than pooling. 


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