Planning a birthday party, family reunion, or wedding reception involves important details such as sending out invitations, selecting decor, and setting up the venue. Additionally, you'll need delicious food. Ordering catering from a local restaurant can provide a number of advantages for hosts. Here's why you should have your private event catered. 

4 Reasons to Order Private Event Catering

1. Versatile Menu

Restaurants that cater typically offer several options for appetizers, entrees, and desserts, allowing you to custom-build your event menu. In addition to ordering crowd-pleasing dishes such as prime rib, meat lasagna, and chicken Parmesan, select a handful of vegetarian-friendly items, including cheese ravioli, spinach lasagna, and eggplant Parmesan. Additionally, get appetizers such as cheese bread, fried mozzarella, and chicken fingers to satisfy guests until the main course is ready.

2. Enjoy Table Service & Private Dining

Event catering often includes service staff who can take orders, bring out plated food, and make sure guests have everything they need to enjoy their meal. Restaurants that cater may also provide licensed alcohol staff who can serve wine, beer, and cocktails to guests of legal drinking age. Additionally, they may offer the use of private dining rooms, which can prevent the need to host your event at home or a separate venue. 

3. No Need to Cook or Clean


Preparing entrees, side dishes, and appetizers can be time-consuming for hosts, especially if you expect dozens of guests. Catering eliminates cooking responsibilities and allows you to focus on other aspects of preparing your event, such as setting up decorations and communicating with photographers. You also won't have to spend time and energy cleaning cookware, trays, and platters after the event.

4. Have a Good Time

Since delicious food is an important component in a successful event, you can enjoy peace of mind after placing a catering order. Without the need to prepare, plate, and serve meals, you'll be able to relax, socialize with friends and family, and enjoy yourself during the event. 


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