Many people want to update their home exteriors. If you have vinyl siding, you may be able to perform this task by painting the material. Here are four situations when it’s helpful to perform this upgrade.

4 Times to Paint Vinyl Siding

1. The Vinyl Is Old

Vinyl fades with age because of continual sunlight and wind exposure. The material can last for over 60 years if you regularly wash it and replace damaged sections.

Protect your investment and refresh the vinyl by painting it every few years to improve the aesthetic and provide a protective barrier against UV rays. Replacing vinyl siding can cost thousands of dollars, so painting is a fantastic way to improve the house’s exterior at a lower cost.

2. Power Washing Doesn’t Change the Color 

painting Middlesex County CTPower washing uses high-pressure water to remove algae, dust, and dirt. This process should remove splotches and lighten the hue by blasting away these contaminants.

If you power wash a vinyl home and the material is still discolored, consider painting the exterior to cover stains and make the house look new. First, remove the greenish-grey mildew by scrubbing it with a mixture of one-part bleach and four-parts water. This will lighten the siding and create a more even colored base for painting.

3. You’re Selling the House

Prospective homebuyers want to know that they’re purchasing a building that will require minimal maintenance. Painting the siding before selling means that the new owners won’t have to handle this task.

You may entice more buyers by making this upgrade with shades like grey, brown, beige, and white that are attractive to most people. Factor in your roof color while making this decision. Choose a lighter tone than the roofing to create a cohesive, pleasing style.

4. The Energy Bills Are High

The color of your home will affect whether it’s energy-efficient. Darker vinyl will absorb more heat from the sun, making your furnace work less in the winter. Lighter hues are good for summertime because they reflect the heat, preventing the house from getting too hot.

There’s no need to paint your house twice a year to benefit from these colors. Homes in temperate areas, like Connecticut, should use medium-tone vinyl, like greys and blues that are energy-efficient during all seasons. Choose paints with thermal coatings to further reduce UV ray penetration into the home and reduce HVAC energy use.


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