People use dumpsters for a variety of reasons. Restaurant owners use these containers for food waste, while homeowners rent them when they clean the garage or undertake renovations. If you’re considering renting a dumpster, you’ll likely hear about roll-off and front-load options. Here is a guide that discusses each dumpster in detail.

A Guide to Dumpsters


Schools, churches, and retail centers often use this variety for food waste because they need it repeatedly emptied, as it will fill up quickly. Front-load dumpsters have watertight bottoms, making them safe for food waste because they won’t leak.

These containers can hold everything from furniture to construction debris, and often feature lids that must close. Some also have locks, which are helpful in areas where people may toss their trash into the dumpster or try to take items out of it. Front-load models are usually tall and narrow, making them fit perfectly in alleys or parking lots.

Trucks empty these containers on-sight before placing them back in their original spots. Individuals and companies who use front-load models usually have longer-term contracts with monthly payments. 


dumpstersRoll-off dumpsters are also known as open top or general dumpsters. These models are often featured at job sites or homes under construction. These short-term rentals are usually dropped off, filled, and picked up within a few days or weeks without periodic emptying.

Roll-off dumpsters have doors that allow you to walk directly into the container. These models are helpful when moving larger or heavier items, like pieces of concrete, tree trunks, or big furniture such as couches – you don’t have to heave the trash over the sides.



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