Keeping a construction worksite clean and organized is an excellent way to prevent accidents and injuries. By following best practices and having equipment on-site to help you keep the mess to a minimum—such as trash cans and roll-off containers for debris—you maintain an image of professionalism and increase your efficiency. As you plan jobs and worksite maintenance, keep these tips in mind to maintain an organized job. 

How to Keep Your Worksites Clean

1. Control Debris 

roll-off containerWhen debris and materials are tossed or allowed to fall from upper levels of a project, unsightly piles form and it’s harder to clean them all up. Instead, use chutes or approved waste removal devices to direct construction debris into roll-off containers or dumpsters. This saves time and keeps the site clean. 

2. Put Tools Away

When tools and supplies aren’t in use, they should be properly stored in a safe location. Not only do tools and gear left around the site create clutter, but they also present a safety risk. This is especially true if the site is at a home or anywhere near children.

Power tools can be intriguing to little ones—and very dangerous—so store them behind a locked gate and make sure the keys are not accessible to passersby or unauthorized personnel. 

3. Use Dust-Control Methods

For indoor projects, controlling dust as much as possible is vital to maintaining a clean worksite. Drywall dust, for example, can easily float throughout an entire home and coat virtually every surface, creating both inconvenience and a health hazard.

Use plastic sheeting to cover the entries to the room to contain dust. Ideally, the sheeting should have a zipper closure that allows entry while preventing dust spread. Sticky plastic sheets that protect debris are also useful. Dust and small pieces of debris are contained on the sheet, which can then be rolled up and tossed in a roll-off container for removal. 


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