Roll-off dumpsters streamline debris removal to save time and labor. They also help prevent sore muscles from excessive bending, and lend themselves to estate clean-outs, house flipping projects, yardwork, and similar operations. Here, review tips for protecting your container rental to sidestep damage fees and avoid injuries. 

4 Roll-Off Dumpster Protection Tips

1. Keep It in Your Driveway

Have the roll-off dumpster placed in your driveway so it isn’t on the street and subject to dents and other damages from wayward drivers. Driveway placement is especially important if your neighborhood isn’t well-lit. Request a permit before the rental container’s arrival so you aren’t violating HOA or county guidelines.

2. Create a Barrier

Secure the container area with caution tape or temporary fencing. You can also put up a warning sign. These efforts make it clear to your children, the neighbors’ kids, and anyone else passing by that getting near the container can be hazardous, particularly if it contains metal and other materials with sharp or jagged edges.

3. Clear a Path

dumpstersMaintain an obstruction-free path between the dumpster and your work site to avoid fall-related injuries. Anything left in the path, such as tools, outdoor toys, lawn decor, and assorted debris, creates tripping hazards. Carrying large items to the roll-off container can make it difficult to see, so a clear path becomes essential.

4. Lock the Container

Inquire about gravity bars and locks from the rental company if you don’t have neighbors around or there haven’t been any reports of illegal dumping activities in your area recently. Locks and bars provide peace of mind because you won’t have to constantly monitor the container or worry about illegal dumping during the night. 


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