Renting roll-off containers is a practical solution when you’re taking on a project that involves disposing of large amounts of trash. This is ideal for disaster clean-ups, construction, large-scale decluttering, and other related projects. Besides looking for a rental company that provides reliable units you can use, it’s also crucial to keep a few etiquette tips in mind to make sure that you’re holding up your end of the bargain.  

A Guide to Roll-Off Dumpster Etiquette

1. Reserve the Dumpster in Advance

Rental companies need to prepare roll-off containers before they dispatch them to renters. As a courtesy to the company, it’s best to reserve the dumpster a week in advance to allow them to make the necessary preparations. Giving them a heads up will also help ensure that you’re getting the right size unit you need for your project.

2. Keep Out Prohibited Items 

roll-off containersKnow what types of items cannot go into the dumpster. For instance, oils, fuels, paints, and batteries are typically prohibited because they are flammable and toxic to the environment.

Likewise, food waste shouldn’t be tossed into the container to avoid vermin infestation. Ask your rental company for a list of materials you shouldn’t throw into the container and stick to the rules.

3. Never Overfill the Container

The rental company will give you a maximum weight allowance relative to the size of the unit that you rented, which can range from one to eight tons. Be mindful not to go over this limit. Roll-off containers can only handle a certain amount of weight, and exceeding it could either damage the container or compromise driving conditions. Furthermore, landfill dump fees are also charged by the ton, so it’s crucial to stay under the weight limit.


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