The bathroom is one of the most popular rooms in the house. It's not just a functional space but can serve as a refuge. However, it exhibits more wear and tear than other parts of your home because of its frequent usage. Here are a few signs that your bathroom needs to be the first item in your home remodeling plan.

When Is It Time to Remodel the Bathroom?

1. Visible Damage

The first sign that a bathroom needs an update is visible damage, such as cracked tiles, peeling paint, missing grout, and rusty fixtures. These issues are unsightly and unattractive, but they can also pose more serious problems. 

Rust indicates excess moisture, which breeds allergy-inducing mold and mildew. Damaged flooring increases the risk of tripping or slipping, resulting in injuries. 

2. Outdated Decor

home remodeling

Your bathroom doesn't need to incorporate all the latest trends, but it should be a space where you and your family enjoy spending time every day. If the bathroom decor is outdated, plan for a home remodeling makeover to upgrade to a fresh design and color scheme. 

This is also the perfect opportunity to install new tiles, faucets, and taps. As a bonus, add the luxurious touches you've been dreaming about, such as a soaking tub or double vanity.

3. Poor Lighting

A well-lit bathroom has many benefits, including enhanced visibility and safety. This helps you complete your daily routines more efficiently, as it allows you to view the mirror properly. Plus, lighting has a significant effect on the ambiance and mood of a room. Harsh overhead bulbs can create strange shadows that make a bathroom feel gloomy and ominous, rather than the relaxing sanctuary it should be.

4. Lack of Storage

Storage is an essential aspect of a bathroom. You need space to stash towels, toilet paper, toiletries, cosmetics, and appliances. If your bathroom lacks proper storage, add a closet, built-in cabinet, or larger vanity. These installations will transform the area into a more functional space.


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