Storage is a kitchen must, as it provides more countertop space for food prep and keeps items such as pots, pans, utensils, and small appliances out of sight. If your kitchen’s current storage configuration needs work, custom cabinets and other innovative practices provide the perfect update. Review strategic storage ideas here before getting started. 

3 Ways to Significantly Increase Kitchen Storage Space

1. Extend Cabinetry Upward

Utilize every inch of vertical space by having a cabinet contractor build up. You might require a step stool to reach some upper cabinets; however, they provide ideal storage for items you don’t often use or have backups of, such as fine china or an extra toaster. If you don’t want solid walls of cabinets, have the contractors leave some shelves open for storing cookbooks and displaying knick-knacks. 

custom cabinets

2. Add Pull-Out Drawers to the Toe Kick Area

Take advantage of the toe kick area or space below lower cabinetry. They provide space for pull-out drawers you can use to store baking sheets and pans, assorted flatware, and anything else that fits, such as boxes of plastic bags. You could also install these shelves within upper and lower cabinets to improve kitchen organization, such as a pull-out spice rack or a drawer for canned goods. 

3. Get Creative With Hooks

Have your contractor add hooks to exposed custom cabinet sides for hanging cooking utensils and mugs. Consider affixing some hooks sideways for convenient access to disposable supplies such as plastic wrap and foil, as the boxes these items come in often feature holes on their sides for hanging purposes. You can also add hooks to the undersides of cabinets for hanging teacups and mugs. Hangable baskets that attach to the bottom of upper cabinet shelves make use of underside space as well.


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