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About Jonathan Burge Law, Inc.

Are you searching for a reliable criminal defense attorney? Having a talented defense lawyer by your side is essential to getting a favorable outcome in court. Having helped clients in court for more than 20 years, Jonathan Burge Law, Inc. in Honolulu, HI, is the name you can count on for expert legal representation. This proven criminal defense lawyer has the expertise to tackle state and federal cases. 

With a background as a police officer and criminal defense attorney, Jonathan Burge understands the criminal justice system. He represents clients facing charges ranging from traffic offenses to murder accusations. His team works tirelessly to reduce or eliminate charges. You can count on receiving personal attention no matter the situation and a sound strategy for trial. 

If you’re looking for a caring and dependable criminal defense attorney in Honolulu, turn to Jonathan Burge Law. Contact his law office today at (808) 286-1125 to schedule a consultation. 



(3 reviews)