An orthopedic podiatrist is a surgeon specializing in disorders and injuries of the ankle and foot. They are experts in how the soft tissue, joints, and bones of the lower extremities work, which allows them to effectively treat a variety of problems, including stress fractures, tendon ruptures, clubfoot, sprained ankles, and turf toe. Podiatric medicine professionals are licensed in all 50 states and are considered the healthcare industry’s foremost foot specialists. 

An Orthopedic Podiatrist’s Role Rochester-Orthopedic-Podiatrist

If you get a broken bone in your foot or arthritis in your ankle, an orthopedic podiatrist is the best physician to visit. Patients who struggle with bunions, heel pain, and hammer toe can find relief with the help of podiatric medicine. Along with a physical examination, an MRI, X-ray, CT scan, or ultrasound may help determine the extent of your condition. This assists your specialist in recommending the best treatment.

How a Foot Specialist Can Help You 

Whether you have diabetic feet, recurring ankle pain, or ingrown toenails, a foot specialist can help you take control of your condition and help you return to a normal quality of life. Some patients will require surgery for bunions or a ruptured tendon, followed by rest and a physical therapy regimen. In other cases, orthotic devices like heel inserts or full contact orthoses may be recommended to correct conditions like flatfoot or Morton neuroma. 

Take the first step by calling your primary care physician or a few reputable orthopedic podiatrists in your area. You can also explore reviews and ask family or friends for recommendations. At the first appointment, your foot specialist will carefully examine your ankle, heel, foot, and toes. If an X-ray or MRI is necessary to determine your diagnosis, you may get one at the office or make another appointment to visit an imaging center. 


Whether you have pain in your foot or your ankle has become immobile, it is time to visit a specialist for assistance. The orthopedic podiatrists at the Podiatry Associates of Rochester in New York can treat everything from athletic injuries to chronic diseases. Make an appointment by calling one of their two locations, including their Linden Oaks Drive office at (585) 371-8600 and their Buffalo Road office at (585) 426-7320. To learn more about treating foot pain, visit their website or follow them on Facebook