Once you have a tree removed from your yard, you may be left with a stump sticking out of the ground. This isn’t just an eyesore; it may also be a tripping hazard and attract wood-eating insects like termites and carpenter ants. Luckily, stump grinding can fix these issues. Here’s a guide for those considering this service. 

What You Should Know About Stump Grinding

What does stump grinding involve?

stump grinding

Tree service professionals use a machine with multiple saw blades that cuts through the stump from various angles, turning it into mulch. The machine is usually on wheels or tracks and has hand controls, so the blades can be directed through the wood until nothing is left above the ground's surface. The leftover mulch can then be used in garden beds or to insulate the roots of other trees. 

What are the benefits?

Stump grinding usually removes all parts of the trunk left above ground, leaving you with a flat, more aesthetically appealing outdoor space. This improves safety conditions, especially if you have pets or kids who run around the yard. It also reduces the risk of termite and carpenter ant infestations, since these pests are attracted to rotting wood. 

How can I tell if I need stump grinding?

If there is any tree stump on your property that you want to have removed, grinding can help. This service is beneficial for trunks that get in the way of outdoor activities or those that have started to rot. You can also request stump grinding directly after removing a tree. 

What will the ground look like afterward? 

Stump grinders usually remove all of the trunk above the ground and a few inches below. You’ll be left with a large pile of mulch that can fertilize the ground or cover other plant beds around your yard. The soil may settle a bit in the weeks following stump grinding, but you should be able to plant grass or other plants in that spot once the stump is gone. 

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