After committing yourself to training and schooling, you'll eventually need to take the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) flight test. This is the opportunity to show that you’ve absorbed everything you’ve learned about flying. To ensure that you pass this important test, here are a few helpful tips.

How to Get Ready for Your Flight Test

1. Brush Up on ACS

The FAA publishes Airman Certification Standards (ACS) that provide pilots with the standards needed to pass the test. It includes information about aeronautics, flight proficiency, and risk management. Memorize the altitudes required for various in-air maneuvers, cruising altitudes, and effects of weather conditions.

2. Take a Practice Flight

flight test

Go on several practice flights to test various procedures and maneuvers. Practice moves that you’re likely to perform during the test, like go-arounds and steep turns. You can even create a faux emergency situation on the ground and go over the steps you’ll take in the cabin to execute a safe landing.

3. Prepare the Night Before 

Enter test day with a clear head. Make sure you sleep well the night before, and eat a breakfast that satiates you for a few hours. You’ll need to be at your best when you’re in flight, going over everything from maneuvers you’ve learned over the last few months to clean landings. Focus on areas where you excel, so you feel confident when the time comes.

4. Learn Your Flight Route

Don’t go into your proposed route during the flight test blindly, or you risk being surprised or caught off guard. Instead, it's best to learn everything about it, from airspace regulations to minimum altitudes. Jotting down this information beforehand and committing it to memory will help you flawlessly execute your flight. Planning how you'll prepare for emergent situations will help you feel more prepared, especially if given a surprise task from your examiner.


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