If you love the taste of oysters, experimenting with different preparation methods can help you introduce them to people who don't have a fondness for this type of seafood. While some people prefer them raw, this food has deep flavors that can complement many complex dishes, from fried preparations to savory stews. If you're planning on picking up oysters, below are several options for preparing them.

What Are the Best Oyster Dishes?

1. Grilled

This is one of the easiest ways to prepare oysters, as you can place them in their shells directly onto a hot grill. Coating the seafood with seasoned butter and letting them cook in the juice provides a rich, savory flavor that is sure to delight friends and family members at your next cookout. Plus, they don't take long to cook, so grilled oysters are an excellent appetizer while you are waiting on the main course.

2. Fried

This is another quick, delicious preparation, as fried seafood is a crowd pleasing dish no matter what type of meat you use. To cook this, remove the oysters from their shells and coat them in a buttermilk batter before dropping them into hot oil. Fry the oysters until they are golden brown, and serve them with cocktail sauce or homemade ranch. If you want something more filling, slather both sides of a French baguette in mayonnaise and place fried oysters in the center to create a classic po'boy. 


3. Oysters Rockefeller 

As a classic dish, oysters Rockefeller will take your next dinner party to a new level. Start by baking the oysters and then topping them with cream, butter, shallots, garlic, spinach, grated cheese, and Pernod. After putting everything together, spoon the liqueur on top of individual oysters and broil the mixture until everything is brown.

4. Oyster Stew

For such a flavorful dish, oyster stew is relatively easy to prepare. You'll need whole milk, butter, garlic, paprika, salt, and pepper. Put everything into a large pot and add the oysters last before placing it on the stovetop. Let the stew come to a simmer. Avoid boiling it, as this can reduce the mixture and overcook the oysters. Serve in bowls with your favorite crackers for a warm, filling meal.


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