The garage is often one of the most overlooked areas of the home in terms of organization. It offers much more than a vehicle storage space, and it tends to be catch-all room for a variety of items, from lawn and garden supplies to building materials and sports equipment. It’s not uncommon for this versatile area to get a bit overcrowded. Fortunately, spring-cleaning and organizing can help, so here are a few tips to follow to get your garage in order. 

How to Organize a Garage 

1. Declutter 

Begin the process by cleaning the floor and sweeping up any stray nails and debris. Remove cobwebs, nests, and hives to ensure the space is safe and pest-free. Pull everything out of the garage and lay it out on the driveway or work section by section to eliminate clutter. For example, you might start with power tools before moving on to toys, automotive items, and garden supplies. 

Designate two trash bags or piles: one for items you will toss out and one for donations. As you work your way through each section of the garage, place any objects you no longer want in the corresponding category. 

2. Divide the Garage Into Zones 

garden supplies

Before you put your belongings back in the garage, divide the room into zones. Each one should house a particular category, such as sports equipment, tools, garden supplies, automotive care items, and garbage and recycling bins. 

If needed, include additional zones for materials like paint and cleaning supplies. Determine how much space each group will require and plan the garage storage layout accordingly.

3. Plan Storage Space 

Determine how you can best utilize the garage to store items for easy access and efficiency. Take advantage of vertical space as much as possible by hanging garden supplies—like rakes and shovels—on the wall. This prevents them from taking up floor space while also making them easy to find. You can buy shelves, hooks, and brackets at a local hardware store to help you organize. 

Before you put items back in their places, clean the storage surfaces. Keep the frequency of use in mind when putting items away, as well. For instance, you’re likely to need garden supplies and automotive care products more often than seasonal holiday decorations, so make sure these can be found and accessed quickly. The latter can go on a higher, harder-to-reach shelf.


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