The Last Fish Day of the Year!

On Friday, November 13th, we will have the fish delivery truck at our store in Clifton from 8:00-9:00 a.m. to fill your fish orders.  Please come by the store and give us your order before Thursday of that week to reserve your fish.  You are welcome to just drop by at 8:00 a.m. on the day of the event also.


Time to De-worm Cattle


De-worming cattle in late fall is a very popular practice among cow/calf producers to prepare cattle to take on the winter months ahead.  Ridding cows of internal parasites at first frost is timely because the reinfection possibility is low due to dormant forage.  Worm eggs and larva don’t survive well in this environment and are less likely to be consumed by cattle.  We also help cattle utilize hay and supplement better in this worm-free environment.


Safeguard Cubes


If cow/calf producers don’t plan to run their herd down the working chute and need to deworm, an extremely popular de-worming product is Safeguard Range Cubes.  One 50# bag will treat 10 head of cows and can be fed just like regular cubes.  The active ingredient, fenbendazole will eliminate the same worms as other products and will kill several additional worms.  We have a good supply on hand and are glad to answer any questions that you have!


Circle E Candles


Clifton Feed has received a new supply of the very popular Circle E candles.  There are new scents this year, plus a new looking container.  Circle E candles will burn 160 hours, longer than most on the market.  They are a very good value and will make  great Christmas gifts.


Rats and Mice


Rats and mice tend to find their way inside this time of the year.  They are preparing for winter.  Now is the perfect time to bait your home, garage, barn and other structures to get ahead of these destructive pests.  Clifton Feed has several different baits, bars and traps to tackle any situation that one faces.  Also, remember to remove trash and debris that will harbor rats and mice.  Drop by and let us show you the different options that are available.


A very happy Thanksgiving Holiday to you and your whole family!


We Appreciate Your Business!