If you want to develop a piece of land in Phoenix, AZ, you can count on J-King Excavating to get the job done right on time and within budget. For more than 45 years, this excavation contractor has been preparing plots across the greater Phoenix metro area. Here are some of the biggest benefits of utilizing their exceptional services. 

3 Reasons to Turn to J-King Excavating Before Building

1. They're a One-Stop-Shop 

The team at J-King Excavating is equipped to handle everything from demolition and trenching to grading and soil stabilization. They even have a division that assists with securing permits. 

That means from the moment you close on the plot to the day you're ready to erect the structure on top of the building pad, you'll only have to work with a single point of contact. This will reduce hassle and eliminate the potential for miscommunications, which are all but inevitable when working with multiple contractors. 


2. They Promise Cost-Effective Solutions 

From equipment rentals to day laborers, the costs associated with taking a DIY approach can add up fast. At J-King Excavating, they understand that time is money, so they aim to work as efficiently as possible to save their clients in overhead. 

They'll also review your plans and propose any modifications that you might be unaware of but could save you money over the course of the build. 

3. They Always Ensure Compliance

Preparing a site for development demands extensive knowledge of environmental regulations, local zoning laws, and industry standards. Overlooking any applicable restrictions today could end up costing you a small fortune tomorrow. As long as you turn to a reputable excavation contractor, however, like J-King Excavating, you'll have peace of mind knowing your project is compliant. 


Operating out of Phoenix, AZ, J-King Excavating is a full-service excavation contractor that handles jobs of all scopes and sizes. A client-oriented company, they won't be happy until you're happy. To explore all their services, visit their website. To request a quote for your upcoming excavation project, call (623) 231-5697.