Gabion walls are constructed of small stones and rocks contained in rectangular wire cages. These relatively simple structures are often used to minimize soil erosion, but they offer a wide range of other benefits. Below are just a few reasons to ask a land grading professional about including gabion walls in your project.

Why Use Gabion Walls?

1. Stabilize Hills and Prevent Erosion

Some soils are too soft to hold their shape if part of a hill is excavated. Gabion walls are cost-effective solutions that keep soil from moving, providing structure and helping stabilize hills that may otherwise erode.

Erosion prevention keeps soil and debris from clogging drainage ditches and waterways. It also helps preserve plant growth, which may be an essential aspect of your landscaping.

2. Make Construction Easier

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Unlike many other types of retaining walls or other landscaping structures, gabion walls don’t require deep foundations or extensive construction. This makes them much easier and less expensive to build.

The wire cages that make up a gabion wall can be filled with stone off-site and transported to the building site. Alternatively, your land grading contractor may bring the cages to the site and set them in place before filling them with stone.

3. Increase Flexibility

Cement and stone retaining walls are strong, but they’re also stiff and inflexible. Over time, the natural movements of the soil will cause cracks and corrosion, which could be costly to repair.

Because they’re made of wire and loose stone, gabion walls are much more flexible. These structures bend and flex with the movements of the earth, allowing them to stay in place without cracking or breaking.


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