The bathroom is your place of solitude and relaxation. While the room's design doesn’t have to be groundbreaking, the features you choose should help you unwind and de-stress. As most of your days start and end with a shower, having the right showerhead is essential for relaxing.

Which Showerhead Is Right for You?

1. Wall-Mount

Wall-mounted showerheads are the most common and are placed in a fixed position directly on the wall. Typically, they are designed with either a diameter of 5 inches or less. Generally, they won’t come with any extra features, but a multi-function model will allow you to change the spray patterns.

2. Overhead Arm

If you have a larger shower or could use some extra height, an overhead arm can provide an extension of 12 to 16 inches. Move your shower head away from the wall or adjust it to sit well above your standing position. These extenders generally have larger diameters for a more thorough coverage area. Many also come with a range of spray settings that provide everything from focused massage pressure to light relaxing rain.

3. Handheld


For a range of motion options, consider a handheld showerhead. In its fixed position, the faucet is placed in a bracket situated near the wall. However, it’s attached to a flexible rubber or metal tube that allows you to take it out and move it around as needed. This can be useful if you have limited mobility or if you have children or pets.

4. Ceiling Mounted

For a complete waterfall sensation, it doesn’t get better than a ceiling-mounted showerhead. Although the installation process requires the plumbing to be run through the ceiling of the shower, it will all be worth it to have a spa-like retreat in your own home. If you have shorter ceilings, it’s also possible to use a model with multiple functions. Just remember that the larger diameter is going to produce less pressure no matter what.


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