Smaller restaurants often shop for ingredients at a local grocery store, especially if they want to offer the freshest food possible. While retail shopping may be necessary in a pinch, ordering products from a seafood distributor can help control costs and expand your menu with delicious new items. Here are a few reasons every eatery should order their seafood from a distributor.

Why Should Restaurants Order From a Seafood Distributor?

1. Variety

Retailers offer a limited range of products, and many only have the most popular types of fish, crab, and lobster available. This can make it a reliable source for staples, but you may struggle to find ingredients for more exotic dishes. On the other hand, seafood distributors specialize in serving businesses like yours and providing the widest variety of possible products. This gives even small restaurants access to exotic or rare ingredients to make your menu stand out.

2. Freshness

seafood distributer

Many restaurateurs hesitate to order from wholesalers because they assume that the products won’t be fresh when they arrive. However, the best seafood wholesalers invest in refrigerated trucks, climate-controlled storage facilities, and efficient logistics chains. With their technology and expertise, the seafood will still be fresh even if it’s sourced from the other side of the world.

3. Cost Savings

Most restaurants operate on thin profit margins, so every dollar counts. Buying products directly from sellers or at a grocery store takes more time and can be more expensive than sourcing the items from a wholesaler. These companies purchase in bulk and pass their savings on to their customers.

Buying from a wholesaler lowers costs and saves time you can spend on other projects. With the ordering taken care of, you can focus on serving customers, designing a new menu, or improving your dishes.


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