A fence sets boundaries and provides privacy, in addition to creating a safety zone for kids who are playing outdoors. You should always keep a close eye on your little ones, and fences can help provide welcome peace of mind. As Campbell Hall, NY’s premier destination for secure, stylish choices, American Fence Company offers their top options for keeping kids safe.

3 Kid-Safe Fence Options

1. Chain Link

A chain link fence is a cost-effective choice that offers multiple customization options. With privacy slats, adventurous kids are far less likely to attempt wandering off, and slats are available in endless color choices and textures, creating a stylish standout for your yard. They can be built out of durable materials such as aluminum or wood for both security and privacy.

2. Vinyl

fenceVinyl fencing adds instant curb appeal and value while keeping kids and pets safely inside. You can choose from traditional options or something more contemporary; styles are available in just about any design. In addition to durability, vinyl fencing is non-toxic, making it extra safe for toddlers who want to put everything into their hands and mouths. The rails make these fences nearly impossible to climb, even for the most adventurous little ones. 

3. Privacy & Locks

A privacy fence is available in a variety of materials, and it keeps kids safe in more ways than one. Not only does it hide your home from potential intruders, but privacy fences are incredibly secure; expect high-quality, top-notch locks that little hands can’t undo. Some even contain auto-latches that provide added security, keeping kids safely within their boundaries. 

When you want a kid-safe fence, turn to professionals you can trust. The team at American Fence Company has served the Hudson Valley community with high-quality fences since 1975. Whether you want a traditional chain link fence or a boundary around your pool, these experts will create a stylish option that keeps little ones secure. Visit their website for more information, or call (845) 219-5278 to speak with a staff member today.