Chain-link fences are inexpensive ways to deter trespassers, pen in dogs or small children, and define property boundaries. However, they aren’t always the most visually appealing choice, so many owners seek ways to hide or disguise them. Fortunately, there are many affordable options for covering up chain-link fences to not only improve curb appeal, but also increase a sense of privacy on your property.

3 Tips for Hiding Chain-Link Fences

1. Use Tall Plants

fencesShrubs, tall flowers, vines, or tree hedges provide a natural way to cover up the front and back of your fence. Some tree hedges can grow up to 14 feet, and by leveraging their height, you can create a wall that obscures the fence and enhances the environment. If privacy is your main priority, consider planting fast-growing greenery, like laurel hedges. However, be sure to trim these plants regularly in order to maintain a manicured appearance. A professional at your local nursery can help you choose the best plants or trees for your property.

2. Add Fencing Slats

Fencing slats are a classic means of creating privacy with chain-link fences. Pieces of high-density polyethylene or aluminum material can slide through the chain links vertically and remain in place without any additional special attachments.

3. Install Wooden Fence Panels

You can mount wooden fence panels on to existing chain-link fences to create an excellent sense of privacy while dramatically improving the design. Though a relatively costly alternative, this option is highly recommended because of the manner in which it discreetly conceals chain-link fences. Routine maintenance to treat wooden panels will also be a necessity to consider, so consult with a professional fencing contractor to see if this addition is right for your budget and lifestyle.


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