A wooden fence is an investment that will be part of your home for years. The better you take care of it, the longer it’ll last. This is because unprotected wood can warp from moisture and sustain damage from pests. To help you keep your fencing in top shape, here are a few tips for minimizing wear and tear.

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Wood Fence

1. Paint It

Paint keeps fences looking neat while offering protection from the elements. Over time, moisture may create chips and peeling. To prevent rainfall from affecting the underlying material, repaint your fencing when you notice extensive finish damage. A wood stain also provides similar protection.

2. Use a Sealant

fencesFences encounter everything from the hot sun in the summer to harsh snowstorms in the winter. A sealant will protect the wood and paint underneath it from these elements and minimize the need for repainting. Reapply the product once or twice a year for the best results.

3. Watch Out for Pests

Termites are threats to wooden structures. To prevent infestations, clear fallen leaves and other debris that provide shelter from around the base of your fence. If you notice bugs on your fencing or see posts that have been eaten away, contact pest control or extermination experts.

4. Clean Grime

Just like other outdoor objects, fences get dirty over time. To clean grime, use a power-washer. You can also clean them by hand using a mixture of water and white vinegar soaked into a sponge. Wire brushes, garden hoses, and paint scrapers are also useful for cleaning posts.

5. Repair Minor Issues

Loose nails and notches compromise the integrity of the structure. If you notice any components that need tightening, use a screwdriver to do so. By fixing minor issues, you avoid larger problems like loose posts. It’s also worth it to replace boards that have been compromised by rot or mildew to prevent the issue from spreading to larger sections of your fencing. 


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