chain-link fence is a sturdy and cost-effective option for keeping your property safe. Like any fence material, it’s subjected to the elements and needs routine maintenance to stay good shape. To help you care for your structure, here’s more information about some problems you could notice and what to do about them.

What Are the Most Common Chain-Link Fence Issues?

1. Post & Rail Damage

The posts that support the fence can bend, break, or be pulled from the ground. This is especially true for wooden poles that weaken due to rot. The top rail of the fence can also get bent if something hits it or someone climbs over it.

In these cases, your technician will replace the damaged rail or pole to prevent the structure from collapsing. 

2. Holes

chain-link FenceIf a portion of the fence gets rusty, it will snap under tension or when a person or animal pushes on it. This usually starts as a small break that gets larger as the link becomes looser. Large tears can also happen at once if a vehicle hits the fence or a branch falls on it during a storm.

If there's a single damaged link, your technician will install a replacement. For larger areas, they'll cut a section of a similar chain-link material to patch up the hole.

3. Sagging

The fence can sag when the mesh comes loose from the poles and rails, or when the poles bend or lean. In this case, the links just need to be fastened back in place. After correcting the above issues that caused the sagging, you can tighten the chain-link by using a tension bar. As long as the mesh isn't damaged, the same section can be reused.


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