There are several advantages to having a pool fence, including peace of mind if you have young children. Another benefit is lowered homeowners insurance premiums. If you’ve yet to fence in your swimming pool, here’s more information to help you decide whether to schedule an installation.

How Pools Affect Homeowners Insurance

pool fenceHomeowners with pools may be held legally responsible for injuries to people who use their pools. This includes neighborhood children who enter pools without permission.

This is due to the “attractive nuisance” concept followed by the law and insurance companies. An attractive nuisance is any home feature that could attract children and be dangerous, including trampolines, construction materials, and swimming pools.

Why a Fence Will Lower Your Rates 

If an accident were to occur in or around your pool, you could be held liable for the cost of any lawsuits or medical expenses. Some insurers might not cover pools without fences to avoid costly claims. Others spike your rates to reflect the heightened liability.

A pool fence will stop children from entering and using the feature without your permission. This allows you to supervise anyone using the pool, reducing the likelihood of accidents. For this reason, your insurer will offer better rates after a fence installation. They may also decrease your premiums if you install other safety measures, such as warning signs and pool alarms. Avoiding potentially dangerous equipment, like trampolines or slides, will also make insurance more affordable.


If you have a swimming pool, call American Fence Co to avoid any safety issues and decrease the cost of your insurance coverage. They’ve served New York’s Hudson Valley since 1975, using their expertise to make properties safer and more attractive. The fully licensed and insured company will install a pool fence in your home to protect children in the neighborhood. Learn more about their services online or call (845) 427-5894 to schedule a consultation.