Installing a fence with a gate is an effective way to boost your home’s privacy and security. Because the entrance sees a lot of movement, over time, it may begin to sag from stressed hinges or loose fasteners. If your gate is drooping, here are a few potential causes and how they can be addressed.

What to Do If Your Gate Is Sagging

1. Tighten the Hinges

If you have a wood gate, the looseness could be caused by the hinges that connect the door to the fence post. These types of gates are mounted using heavy-duty screws, but over time, their grip can loosen.

To address this problem, simply tighten the hardware using a screwdriver.

2. Check the Posts

gateIf a wooden post rots due to moisture infiltration, the gate could lean to one side. This issue would require a post replacement with pressure-treated wood. The contractor will have to remove the old structure to install a new one.

However, if the post is metallic and in good condition, a contractor will simply reset its position by pulling it from the ground and replanting it with fresh concrete.

3. Square Up

This repair method is best for wood gates that pull downward and can’t close properly because of an altered shape. Squaring up the fitting helps it maintain the shape it needs to close and not droop.

A professional will use cables, brackets, and a turnbuckle to place the gate in a squared position. Once the fixtures are reattached, they’ll tighten the cables until the unit closes easily.


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