gate gives you access to your property while ensuring your yard and home stay secure. Just like every other part of the fence, it requires regular maintenance to last longer and work reliably. Here are a few tips to keep your gate in perfect shape.

How to Keep Your Gate Working Smoothly

1. Keep it Clean

Just like the rest of your fence, your gate needs light cleaning to remain aesthetically appealing.

Use a power-washer to clean the overall surface as needed, and spot-clean with dish soap and a sponge to remove stubborn stains. To prevent staining, always mix the soap with water before using and rinse after cleaning. 

2. Make Adjustments

gatesWith everyday use and general wear and tear, your gate may require occasional adjustments to swing smoothly and maintain its alignment with the rest of the fence.

If you encounter an issue with its movement, oil the hinges and tighten any loose screws. Doing so once a year will also ensure the unit stays secure and functional.

3. Secure the Latch

While gates are built to swing back and forth, allowing the wind to push them could cause damage to the hinges over time. 

To prevent screws from loosening, always secure the gate with its latch or hook after entering or leaving the property.

4. Avoid Excess Weight

Do not stack or mount any heavy objects on your gate. Putting unnecessary weight on the structure could make it sag or break from the pressure.

Trim back any trees and shrubs that grow over the fence for this purpose as well. 


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