Adding a fence to your property can elevate the style and security of your home. However, if you live in a neighborhood with a Homeowners Association (HOA), you need to be mindful of the rules that may apply to a fence addition. Check out the guide below for some of the most common HOA regulations that apply to fences.

HOA Fence Regulations You Should Know About

1. Height Restrictions

HOAs will often restrict the size of a fence, sometimes varying the permitted height from front yard to backyard. Typically, this restriction is to maintain beautification and visibility standards. Height can also relate to zoning issues, so be sure to research the regulations in your area before you start building.

2. Location

It’s a universal rule that your fence must be constructed on your property, but there may be additional restrictions to ensure your fence doesn’t accidentally stretch onto a neighboring lawn or public property. Your HOA may require you to call a surveyor to find the ground pins that mark the property line or require you to install a good-neighbor fence if your lawn is directly against a neighbor’s. This fence type alternates rails between your side of the fence and your neighbor’s so both yards have an attractive fence view.fences

3. Sound Structure

You may be restricted in material choices when constructing your fence. Your neighborhood’s HOA may permit metal, wood, or stone, but forbid plastic, chain-link, or rope. This is likely to ensure that all fences on the block maintain structural integrity and won’t fall over due to weather or general wear and tear.

4. Uniformity

While HOA rules are meant to be practical, some fall on the side of uniform aesthetics. If you live in a neighborhood with Victorian houses, your HOA may forbid you from installing a modern or minimalist fence. Each community is unique, so get a sense of your neighborhood guidelines before committing to a style.

5. Maintenance

After your fence is constructed, your HOA will want you to keep it clean and safe all year round. Learn the proper cleaning procedures for the material your fence is made of and ensure you have any gates inspected every year. Don’t let children climb on your fence to keep it intact and replace missing slats or poles should any damage occur.


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