There’s nothing like taking a dip in your backyard pool to beat the summer heat. Before you open your pool for the season, you may want to consider installing a fence. Here are four benefits of investing in this essential addition. 

4 Reasons to Install a Fence Around Your Pool

1. Increases Privacy

One of the main advantages of having a backyard pool is the ability to enjoy your space in peace without an audience. Whether you enjoy catching rays poolside or swimming with your kids, you’ll appreciate the privacy of a wooden or vinyl fence. Not only will the barrier prevent passersby or neighbors from seeing in, but it can also prevent unwanted visitors from approaching. 

2. Reduces Liability

fenceMany states require fences around outdoor pools to reduce the risk of injury and accidental drownings. Pools can be considered an “attractive nuisance,” especially if they are visible from the road. This means you may be liable if a person enters the pool area unwarranted and is hurt. Installing a barrier with a locked gate can prevent unwanted guests from entering.

3. Promotes Safety

Fences can also protect your household members and guests. With a protective barrier, you won’t have to worry about animals or children going in the water unsupervised. A four-sided fence, as opposed to a three-sided model, is best for enhancing safety. 

4. Improves Aesthetic

Fences come in a broad range of styles. You can choose from materials ranging from wood and aluminum to chain link. You can even pick a color that complements your house— your options including black, mahogany, and cherry. Many contractors provide custom designs. Using an attractive material and design can enhance your yard’s aesthetic and boost your home’s curb appeal, increasing resale value. 


If you’re interested in installing a pool fence in your backyard, turn to American Fence Company. Located in Hudson Valley, NY, this local business has served Orange County for over 30 years, helping homeowners enhance safety, privacy, and style with a variety of fences. From aluminum fences to chain link, they provide a broad range of barriers to suit any property and function. Call (845) 427-5894 to speak with a friendly team member to schedule service or visit the website to learn more about the business.