Chain-link fences are affordable, long-lasting, and secure. They’re also flexible and versatile, which makes them useful for a wide range of practical and aesthetic purposes. Below are a few creative ways to use this fence material throughout your property.

What to Do With Chain-Link Fencing

1. Beautify the Garden

Mounted against a wall or around your property, chain-link fences can provide support for climbing hydrangeas, honeysuckles, and other flowering vine plants. The metal acts as a trellis, and eventually, the plants weave through and create hedges of leaves and flowers.

You can also spray-paint the material for added aesthetic appeal in exposed sections.

2. Show Off Your Home

chain-link fenceIf your property has a beautiful facade or you put a lot of work into your landscaping, a chain-link structure secures your home without concealing its features. Even tall fences won’t block the view of your house, garden, or backyard. It also makes the property feel more spacious.

3. Add Storage

Chain-link material can even be used indoors to secure valuables and provide more security. Many homeowners choose to place fencing in garages to create partitions that keep children away from car parts or sharp tools. 

The interlinked wires also allow you to hang photos, paintings, and accessories, adding interesting visual texture and practical storage to an arts-and-crafts corner.

4. Keep Your Pet Safe

By sectioning off a section of your yard, you create a dog run for your furry friend. This gives your pet the freedom to play without endangering your garden or landscaping when you aren’t around to supervise. A pen also protects your pup from wild animals and traffic.


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