Whether they’re chasing a burrowed rodent, trying to stage their grand escape, or just enjoy getting dirty, dogs dig along fences for many reasons. If your pet is exhibiting this behavior, you may be concerned about them getting out, and the holes they leave in your yard can be ugly, creating the risk of a sprained ankle if you accidentally step in one. Prevent this behavior using the tips below.

3 Ways to Keep Your Dog From Digging Along Your Fence

1. Deter Escape Attempts

Some dogs are born to run, and if left unattended outside, they’ll devote all their energy to tunneling under the fence. While you may not be able to stop this digging behavior, you can deter your pup from escaping.

Install the fence several inches below the earth and line it with large rocks. Consider burying chicken wire along the perimeter, whether inside or outside the fence line, to keep your dog from breaking out.

2. Give Them Something To Do

fencesIf your dog frequently digs in other parts of your yard as well as along the fence, it’s possible they’re bored and restless. The best remedy for this is keeping them occupied and giving them enough exercise.

Take your dog for a brisk walk, play fetch, or take them to a dog park to let them run around and expend excess energy. If you need to leave them outside for longer periods, give them chew toys to redirect their attention away from digging.

3. Give Them Shelter

If your dog only digs during the summer, it’s likely that they’re getting too hot outside. Digging an indent in the cool earth and laying down in it is a way for them to lower their body temperature. If your dog spends a lot of time in the yard on summer days, make sure they have enough water and access to shade or a dog house to escape the heat.


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