When you need engineering services, modeling and simulation provide accurate, predictive information. This information is essential for process design and innovation and ensures that your end product accomplishes the goals you need it to. Advanced process modeling is one of the most reliable ways to optimize your project. The following brief guide explains more about this engineering service and the benefits it provides.

How It Works

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Advanced process modeling is an engineering service that results in better product designs. It aims to reduce uncertainty by enabling faster, safer, and more predictive decision-making. This allows for high-quality information to further support your business's process or product innovation, design, and operation.

There are three main components in advanced process modeling. The first is developing a mathematical model based on first principles, the theory that an assumption cannot be deduced from any other assumption. The second element is integrating experimental data that fits the model's empirical parameters, thus validating it. Finally, advanced solution methods, such as optimization, are employed to utilize the model's information and put it to its best possible use.


Advanced process modeling accelerates innovation by identifying new processes and streamlining existing ones. It examines the process decision space to quickly find and rate alternatives, reduce project cycles, and encourage fast decision-making based on the numbers.

You manage risk by using reliable, quantitative data. A project's most pronounced risk will be identified, letting you devote resources to minimize or eradicate that risk as much as possible. You can also evaluate the propagation of parameter uncertainty on key performance indicators to understand real operational risks better.

You can then test various designs and processes to develop the qualities needed for a successful finished product. Your operations will run smoother since modeling shows you how to work most effectively within given parameters and operation limits.


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