Over the years, many myths have developed about events in the time between posting a “For Sale” sign and a “Sold” sign in front of your house. To help New York buyers and sellers make smart decisions in their transactions, Goshen’s seasoned real estate law attorney, John Bach Attorney at Law, separates real estate myth from truth.

5 Common Real Estate Myths

Selling Your Home Without an Agent Saves Money

Real estate agents offer specialized knowledge, skill, and training to sellers and buyers. Real estate law professionals know it’s possible to sell your home yourself, but hiring a licensed agent to do it saves time, money, and helps avoid errors that can ruin a sale.

real estate lawBuyers Get a Better Deal Without an Agent

Generally, the buyer’s agent’s commission comes from the amount allocated to the seller’s agent, and the seller pays it all. For example, if the seller’s agent’s commission is 6%, the buyer’s agent gets 3%, and the seller’s agent gets 3%. There is no commission cost to the buyer, but the buyer reaps benefits from their agent’s expertise. 

The Real Estate Market Only Goes Up

As real estate lawyers, agents, property owners, buyers, and sellers experienced several years ago, real estate market values do go down. However, experienced real estate law professionals know that real estate is still a sound investment.

Renovate Your Kitchen or Bathroom to Boost Your Sales Price

Your renovations may not appeal to buyers and may cost you more than you recoup. If your kitchen or bath really needs work or updating, consider that in setting your asking price. Another option is to negotiate a remodeling allowance in the sales contract.

Open Houses Sell Homes Faster

Open houses allow real estate agents to attract customers who may become their clients. There’s no guarantee that an open house will produce a quick sale. It’s often more effective for sellers to have an open house showing for other agents rather than buyers. 

John Bach Attorney at Law offers deep real estate law experience to buyers and sellers, with a solid track record of successful real estate transactions. Count on this lawyer’s wise counsel and strong advocacy to protect your interests at all times.

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