It’s nice to have complete control over a bathroom, but many people have to share theirs with roommates or family members. If you own a property that includes shared rooms, making a few changes to its doors and decorations will help make the restrooms more functional and appealing.

3 Tips for Shared Bathrooms

1. Create Additional Space 

Having more storage space in the bathroom will help people put away their belongings. 

Expand the vanity area to include at least two sinks and a long, wide mirror. Build an extra cabinet above the toilet or another drawer or two inside the vanity. With niches in the shower, people can store different products without crowding the flooring.

2. Separate Areas 

Keep different areas divided so multiple people can use the space at the same time. For example, set the toilet in a water closet with sliding doors so that someone can use it while another person brushes their teeth at the sink.

doorsInstall opaque glass doors around the shower to visually divide it from the rest of the bathroom, which allows occupants to bathe comfortably while others come in and out. 

3. Maintain Visual Neutrality 

You’ll encourage friendlier moods and better cooperation by ensuring the room appeals to everyone.

Paint the walls in neutral or soothing colors, such as light blue, yellow, or off-white. Keep counters and tiles in similar shades. Neutral colors will help reduce the appearance of clutter when several people keep their possessions in the same space. 

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