Over the years I’ve found that when one person contacts me to ask a question, there is often a whole lot more people out there who have the same or similar questions that never bother to ask!


The following is an excerpt from a recent email exchange that I had with an existing client about what we do as their Delaware Registered Agent. I shared it with my colleague, and she suggested that the Q&A format was easy to follow and contained content relevant to many new and existing business owners. Is she right?



re: Delaware Registered Agent


Question: “Is it required by the State to retain a Registered Agent Service Company, like Agents of Delaware, or is it optional?”


Agents of Delaware: Unless you qualify to act as your own registered agent, then it is not optional- you’ll need to hire someone to do it. Delaware law requires every corporation to have and maintain a Registered Agent in the State who may be either an individual resident, a domestic corporation, or a foreign corporation authorized to transact business in Delaware whose business office is identical with the corporation’s registered office. In my experience, most people who are not physically located in the State and/or are not actually doing business here in the State (have a physical office/street address, employee(s), etc.), find that they will have to hire and maintain a Delaware Registered Agent in order to remain in compliance with the laws and in Good Standing with the Delaware Division of Corporations.


Question: “What services do we benefit from by hiring Agents of Delaware, Inc. to serve as our professional Delaware Registered Agent?”


Agents of Delaware: Here’s the quick summary for you, followed by more details in case you are interested.


  1. Legal existence.
  • We satisfy the legal requirement for having a Registered Agent. Without a registered agent, your company will be declared Forfeit by the State (administratively dissolved/cancelled).
  1. Maintain Compliance.
  • We assist you in maintain compliance and remaining in good standing with the Division of Corporations & notify you of the annual renewal deadlines and other important information distributed by the State to your Registered Agent.
  1. Experience.
  • I’ve been at this for over 20 years. I ran another large Delaware Registered Agent firm before the company was acquired. Afterwards, I started Agents of Delaware to continue to provide high value, and low-cost service to the companies that need it in a rapidly consolidating industry!
  1. Flexible & Professional Service.
  • I’ve built my reputation on the idea that I am a consumer too, and I know what it is like to receive poor service from a company that is almost entirely self serving. It’s my mission to make sure that is not what Agents of Delaware is about, and that none of my clients ever experience that with us. I also offer customer loyalty discounts and other incentives. Such as multi-co discounts for clients with multiple companies under our Registered Agent services and incentives for consolidating your entities with us by switching from another provider to our Delaware Registered Agent service. We are the only Registered Agent Firm that allows you the option to have a no-obligation, M2M registered agent plan in our industry!


As promised, a more detailed explanation of some of the benefits of working with Agents of Delaware, Inc.:


First and foremost, by hiring us you meet the statutory/legal requirement needed in order to maintain your companies registered here in good standing with the State of Delaware, Division of Corporations. We satisfy the Registered Agent requirements outlined in the law. Furthermore, we are qualified as a Commercial Registered Agent with the State of Delaware. Simply put, this means we meet a higher, professional standard that is required under the law and are listed on the Division of Corporation’s website where pursuant to 8 Del. C.§132(g), registered agents listed shall meet the Division of Corporations’ Registered Agent Listing Standards.


Here is what you can expect from us


As your Delaware Registered Agent, our office is open during normal business hours to satisfy the needs of the state. We send you:

  • Correspondence from the Delaware Secretary of State. Such as annual franchise tax notices for both Corporations and LLCs, and annual report/renewal notifications (if any). 
  • Legal action notices. If your business receives a legal action at our office, we email a complete copy of the service to you when practical or the first several pages within 24 hours of receipt, then mail you the original.
  • If you need special services, we arrange to send you a copy via registered mail, certified mail, or any other courier service, for the essential fees.


In addition, we have developed and maintain a deep professional network, and provide referrals free of charge to our clients. If you are a client, and need a local attorney, accountant, realtor or another service provider in Delaware, just let us know.


Most importantly, our business philosophy is centered around the win-win relationship between our firm and our clients. We believe you should know as much as possible about Incorporating a Delaware Corporation or Forming a Delaware LLC and keeping it in good standing. We direct you to the information that you need to help prevent penetration beyond the corporate veil, and provide practical cost-effective solutions to your business needs. After all, a sound Business Entity structure is the best defense for your personal assets.


Question: “We just received a request for the annual tax franchise tax report for our Delaware Corporations, is that part of the service that Agents of Delaware, Inc. provides?”


Agents of Delaware: Absolutely! As your Delaware Registered Agent, we forward these types of notices from The Delaware Division of Corporations as part of our service to help you maintain corporate compliance. We can also assist you with selecting the right filing and payment option for your situation. If you like, we will even file your Delaware Annual Report and pay your Delaware Franchise Tax through our Franchise Tax Payment services! If your companies are represented by another Registered Agent in Delaware, you may or may not have all of those options and services available to you. You can always consider consolidating your entities under us as your single service provider and switch your Delaware Registered Agent services to Agents of Delaware. If you choose our annual plan, we will even pay the State filing fee for the Certificate of Change of Registered Agent and/or Registered Office to switch to our service!



I hope that you find this information is helpful! Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or suggestions. I’m always interested in learning how we can improve our services to better meet your business needs!


Thank you,


Russell P. Rozanski, President

Agents of Delaware, Inc.

(302) 544-4267