The kitchen is a central meeting point in any home. It's a place where the whole family can gather to chat, cook, and snack. As a parent, you can get your child more involved in the kitchen by creating a kid-friendly space. You'll get more help with cooking and cleaning, and your little ones can hone their culinary skills. Find out how to take kids into account in your kitchen remodeling plans below.

4 Kid-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Tips

1. Choose Durable Surfaces

Kids can get messy in the kitchen, so easy-to-clean surfaces are essential. Quartz countertops are stain- and scratch-resistant, while a glass tile backsplash is stylish yet easy to wipe down.

Meanwhile, tile flooring is a good option, as it doesn't stain easily. You can even get tile floors that mimic the appearance of hardwood if you prefer that aesthetic.

2. Add an Island

A kitchen island increases your usable surface space, making room for multiple cooks. Little ones can also do their homework here while you prepare dinner.

Invest in a two-tiered model that has high and low surfaces to accommodate different needs. You can add a step stool for smaller kids so that they can reach the workspace to knead bread dough or decorate cookies.

3. Install Kid-Friendly Appliances

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As your children grow, they may become more interested in cooking. Give them appliances that they can use under your supervision. For example, have the oven installed beneath the countertops instead of up high.

If you don't already have one, make room for a microwave, which is a favorite among teens. However, make sure to teach everyone the proper safety precautions when using any kitchen appliances.

4. Make Storage More Accessible

If all your cooking supplies are stored in hard-to-reach cabinets, younger kids won't be able to access them. Plan some storage for shorter people.

Pull-out pantry drawers with long handles are perfect for younger children with limited dexterity. Stash items that you don't want your kids to access — like cleaning supplies and glass bottles — on the upper shelves of cabinets.


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