Your roof is responsible for protecting your home, which means that it takes a lot from the elements. There are certain areas in the system that tend to experience the most problems. Know what to look for so you can catch the signs of damage early on and have your roofers deal with it.

Common Problem Areas That Roofers Repair

1. Gutters

Gutters can get clogged with leaves or other debris, which you can prevent by routinely cleaning it out once a month. They also may get damaged in a storm or by tree branches blowing in the wind. This can affect their pitch, create cracks between the seams, or even leave sections missing. If you see water flowing over the sides or leaking out anywhere other than the downspouts, you have a leak or clog.

2. Shingles

roofersShingles can get damaged in a storm or by tree branches that drag across the roof. They also have a limited lifespan, so when they reach the end of that life, they will start to fall apart. Look for shingle granules accumulating in your gutters, which look like black sand.

3. Flashing

Flashing runs along the ridges, edges, and seams of the roof. It may get torn or blown away in a bad storm. You should see the flashing along those edges; if it appears to be missing, then you’ll need to call your roofers. If water leaks down through your attic, this may also indicate you have damaged flashing.


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