Windows take up a lot of the space around the home. If they aren’t insulated properly, you could be letting a lot of heat move freely in and out of your home. Windows that are not energy efficient will make your home uncomfortable while costing you money every day, so it’s worth upgrading them. Know the signs that it’s time to have your roofers replace your windows.

Why You Might Need to Replace the Windows

1. Drafts

Windows will allow cold air into the home; you may even feel a breeze coming in through gaps around the window. As you walk by, the area just inside the glass will feel drafty compared to the rest of the house. Your energy bills may rise during the middle of winter and summer as thermal transfer happens through the glass, and your HVAC has to work overtime to compensate.

2. Fogging

cinciinati roofersDual-paned windows will fog up when they are no longer efficient. The seal between the two panes of glass is what keeps it insulated. When that seal is compromised, air will get between the panes and bring moisture with it.

This condenses on the inside of the glass and leaves behind a mineral deposit when it evaporates. The result is a fog that you can’t wipe away, and it means your roofers need to replace the windows.

3. Loud Sounds

Windows are supposed to insulate sound as well as heat. If you can hear what’s going on outside of the home – people talking, traffic going by, or birds outdoors – then your windows aren’t efficiently insulating. A newer efficient model with double or triple glazing will prevent both sound and thermal transfer.


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