From the color of your laundry to how your skin feels, the type of water used in your home can make a huge difference. These distinctions can be traced to whether your home’s plumbing produces soft water or hard water. Learn more about these options below, and how a water softening system can help.

How Are Hard & Soft Water Different?

Hard water contains significant quantities of minerals, including calcium and magnesium, that can leave deposits behind when water dries. Alternatively, soft water will typically only contain sodium and won’t leave residual deposits.

If hard water is present, you may see spots on dishes after they’ve dried or gone through the dishwasher. You may also find film and soap residue on bathtubs and shower stalls or notice excessively dry skin and hair.

Which Is Better?

water softeningEach type of water has its advantages. For example, hard water has essential minerals that improve health, and soft water may have a salty aftertaste, depending on the degree of sodium. However, hard water can create mineral deposits that cause rust and corrosion in water heaters and other household appliances, forcing them to work harder than usual.

If you install a water softening system, you may notice softer clothes after laundering. Additionally, appliances will generally work more efficiently with soft water because there are fewer deposits to impede operation.

How Do Water Softening Systems Work?

A water softening system transforms hard water to soft water by removing calcium and magnesium. When hard water enters a water softening system's mineral tank, it passes through resin beads that contain negative charges. Calcium and magnesium have positive charges, which means they'll be naturally drawn to the beads. Once this connection is made, the resin beads will remove the minerals, resulting in soft water.


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