Iron is a beneficial natural mineral that aids in gastrointestinal health and increases energy and focus. However, too much of this mineral in your tap water causes more harm than good. Before you invest in a water softening system to address this problem, here are some ways to tell if your home has too much iron in its water supply.

5 Ways to Tell If Your Water Contains Excessive Iron

1. Bad Taste

Clean water should be refreshing and mostly tasteless. Tap water with too much iron can have a bloody or metallic aftertaste. If you prepare food with iron-heavy water, it will also be affected. For instance, vegetables will become discolored and taste metallic.

2. Stains

water softeningIron-heavy water will leave a yellowish, reddish, or brownish residue on anything it touches. Sinks, bathtubs, showers, and toilets are the most frequently stained surfaces. Clothing, cookware, and cutlery can also become discolored if you wash them using the affected tap water.

3. Skin Irritations

Water with high amounts of iron is similar to hard water. It will render soap useless and leave behind traces of scum on the skin, drying it out. Bathing without a water softening system to reduce the iron levels could increase your chance of developing a chronic skin condition, like eczema. It can also make your scalp itchy and your hair dry and brittle.

4. Discolored Water From Faucets

Tap water with a reddish tint contains too much iron. However, it can be transparent when it first pours from the faucet and still leave behind a discolored residue. Iron-heavy water will change color when exposed to air because the mineral reacts to oxygen, causing oxidation or rust.

5. Clogged Plumbing

As iron moves through your plumbing system, it will leave behind a residue in the pipes. Over time, the residue will build up, restrict water flow, and reduce water pressure in the house. As a result, you may notice clogs in your sinks and toilets.


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