Misaligned wheels can cause excessive or uneven wear on tires and negatively affect the way your car handles. Wheel alignment should be considered part of your regular vehicle maintenance routine, along with oil and filter changes. Here are a few signs to watch for to know when it's time to schedule an alignment at an auto repair shop. 

What Are the Indicators of Misalignment?

1. Pulling

If you take your hand off the steering wheel for a moment while driving on flat ground and the car consistently pulls in the same direction, you likely need an alignment. However, a pull can also be caused by low tire pressure, so check your tires to rule this out as the cause.

2. Vibration


Vibration, particularly in the steering wheel, is a sign that your wheels are out of alignment. Since the wheels are connected to the steering column, you may be able to feel the result of them pulling in opposite directions. Typically, the sensation will increase with your vehicle's speed.

3. Mismatched Wear

Checking the tread on your tires can help identify misaligned wheels. The two front tires should show a very similar pattern of wear, and so should the back tires. If there is a noticeable difference between the wear on the two front or the two back tires, your vehicle likely needs an alignment.

4. Off-Center Steering Wheel

When you take your hands off your steering wheel, it should remain centered. A steering wheel that turns toward one side or the other indicates misaligned wheels. A technician will align your wheels with your steering column, which will naturally straighten out the steering wheel.


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