Garbage disposals are a convenient addition to any kitchen, making cleanup simpler and more efficient. However, they can clog or malfunction if used improperly. This guide explains how to best maintain this appliance to keep it in great shape.


Clean the disposal. 

Significant amounts of food and waste enter your disposal each day. In particular, greasy or fatty foods can leave behind residue that may cause odors or blockages. Run your disposal frequently with dish soap and water to clean it out. 

Grind foods with flowing water. 

Any time you run the disposal, make sure that you have a steady stream of flowing water. This will help move the food along so that it doesn't get trapped. Cold water will solidify grease and prevent buildup inside the pipes. 

Know your disposal's limits.  

Most garbage disposals are capable of grinding up small, hard food objects. This includes chicken bones, fruit pits, and eggshells. 

However, any large items should be cut into smaller pieces for safe disposal. Grind these pieces up individually to preserve your blades or throw them in the trash can. 


Place certain items in the disposal. 

garbage disposal

Non-food items should never be placed in this appliance, even if they seem harmless. Always place glass, metal, paper, and combustible items in trash cans instead of the sink. 

Additionally, some foods that are extremely fibrous or expand in water, like pasta, should be placed in the trash. They can create clogs or blockages if they aren't correctly disposed of. 

Use harsh cleaners. 

Cleaning your garbage disposal is essential for eliminating odors and preserving its power and functionality. However, harsh cleaners filled with strong chemicals can damage the blades and pipes, especially if used regularly. Use natural cleaners or stick with dish soap and water for disposal maintenance. 


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