An arrest can happen at any time. If a loved one ends up in jail with a bail bond you can’t afford, you want to work quickly and call a local bail bondsman to get your loved one released. The state of Connecticut mandates premium fees for each bail bond, and bail companies are allowed to offer payment plans to individuals at their discretion as long as they comply with state regulations.

Minutes in jail feel like hours, and every minute counts when your loved one is being interrogated without an attorney present. When you speak to a bail bond agent, it is important to have the right information on hand in order to get someone released as soon as possible. The bail bondsmen at 3-D Bail Bonds, located in Hartford, CT, are here to explain the information you should gather before you contact a bail bond agent.

Besides knowing the incarcerated person's name and the jail they are in, the bail bond agent requires other pieces of information before they can bail out your loved one. This includes the person's date of birth, where the person was arrested, where the person is now located, what time the arrest occurred, and what county or police department arrested the person.

bail bond agentIt can also be helpful to have the person’s booking number, which you can find by contacting the jail where the person is located. If you know the bail amount, it can help the bail bond agent determine how much it will cost to post the bond. If you don’t know the amount, the bail bond agent can get the information when they contact the jail. You can also assist the bail bondsman by letting him know any additional information about the arrest that may be relevant, including the charges against the person.

You can depend on the bail bondsmen at 3-D Bail Bonds to free your loved one from jail as quickly as they can. Give them a call at (860) 247-2245 to speak to a professional bail bond agent and receive a no-obligation consultation, or visit their website to learn more about their bail bond services.